Creative Photoshop Technique: Cloning

by Jim Zuckerman

Carnival photo with cloning
Carnival photo with cloning
© Jim Zuckerman
All Rights Reserved
You can clone from one photo to another in Photoshop. The cobblestone you see in this photo I took on Burano Island near Venice, Italy, during Carnival was actually brought over from another picture. The pavement on which the model was standing was simple and uninteresting. It was just regular concrete.

In my files, I have several pictures of cobblestone that I've collected for this very purpose, so I selected one of them and then opened it on my desktop. I then opened the photo of the model as well, and with the two pictures side by side on my computer screen, I selected the clone tool and then held down the option key (this would be the alt key for PC users) and clicked in the photo of the cobblestone. This established the point from which the clone tool would start cloning.

Next, I activated the shot of the model and started cloning the bottom portion of the image as I normally do. By carefully cloning along the bottom edge of the architecture and then around the feet of the model, I created a much more interesting image.

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