Travel Photography: Dealing with Dust

by Jim Zuckerman

Male lion, Namib Desert
Male lion, Namib Desert
© Jim Zuckerman
All Rights Reserved
Africa is very dusty. Dust is terrible for electronics because it gets into everything. When you change lenses, it's especially dangerous because dust will settle on the electrical contacts, the mirror, and the places where metal meets metal as the lens is mounted on the body.

One way to protect camera gear when on safari is to place it in a pillow case while driving in the vehicle. Even with the windows closed, the dust is pervasive. When you stop and shoot, carefully take the fabric off the camera and lens. I say 'carefully' because you don't want the dust falling off the pillow case onto the camera.

I photographed the lion you see here with a Canon and a 500mm lens, and both of them fit into the protective pillow case easily.

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