Beautiful Light in Photography: The Art of Going Back for Seconds

by Kerry Drager

FINAL VERSION: Lighthouse at Twilight
FINAL VERSION: Lighthouse at Twilight
© Kerry Drager
All Rights Reserved
It really is as simple as it sounds: Start paying more attention to the quality of natural light and your photographs will more consistently match your hopes - and your vision.

Following is an effective workflow ("The Art of Going Back for Seconds") that can help you more fully understand natural light while also helping you capture more satisfying images. This approach encourages you to analyze light’s impact on your subject at a given moment. And, hopefully, it will inspire you to imagine how light might transform a scene at another time.

The Art of Going Back for Seconds

Whenever possible, really explore your subject, by shooting different compositions and viewpoints. But also ask yourself, Is this the best light?

A sensible way to answer that question is to come back at another time and see for yourself! All you need to do is find an interesting and easily accessible scene that you can visit again and again at different times and in varying weather.

BEFORE SHOT: Lighthouse in Midday Light
BEFORE SHOT: Lighthouse in Midday Light
© Kerry Drager
All Rights Reserved
This act of recording a subject, inspecting the results on another day (after your initial excitement about the scene has cooled down), and returning for a reshoot or two is a valuable way to develop your self-critiquing abilities while also improving your photographic vision. You’ll discover how rewarding and enjoyable it is to become a student of light!

Accompanying photos:

Across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, the Point Bonita Lighthouse occupies a rocky perch along a rugged stretch of the Marin County coastline.

I photographed the BEFORE Shot: Lighthouse in Midday Light in very uninspiring light. At the time, I felt that the scene would come alive in the evening. Following the "Art of Going Back for Seconds" technique, I returned to catch the FINAL Version: Lighthouse at Twilight in the lingering light before nighttime. Note: For "After," I used a sunlight (daylight) White Balance in order to capture late-day's beautiful blues just as I saw them.

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Photography Instructor: Kerry Drager
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