Creative Composition Tip: Get Out of the Middle!

An off-center subject placement will make your photo more visually appealing

by Rob Sheppard

Toro Falls in Costa Rica
Toro Falls in Costa Rica
© Rob Sheppard
All Rights Reserved
Research years ago showed that people who looked at a centered composition simply looked at whatever was in the center and then moved on to another image. When people looked at an image that was not centered, they spent more time looking at the subject and moving their eyes around the photo.

Wouldn't you like people to spend more time with your photos? Even the simple use of the rule of thirds can help if it gets subjects out of the center. However, the rule of thirds was made by painters and such artists who create images from an empty canvas. They can put things anywhere in the composition. As photographers, we have to deal with the real world and making a composition from it. So things don't always fit the rule of thirds.

Just get that subject out of the center. When you do that, look at the rest of the image and see what is happening there because it now becomes more important. Look for relationships between the subject and the rest of the photo. You can see all of this happening in this image of Toro Falls in Costa Rica.

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