Aquarium Photography Tips: Do's & Don'ts

by Linda Eodice

Do's - Aquarium Photography Tips

  • Use a high ISO setting (ranging from 400 to 3200), and expect to change it when moving to different areas at the aquarium with varying levels of light. Deep-sea fish may be displayed in very dim lighting, requiring a higher ISO than a tank with sunlight coming through the top.

  • Set your camera for the fastest shutter speed that the lighting will allow. Fish will probably be moving constantly, and a slow shutter speed will only result in blurry images. The challenge is to set your camera for a fast enough shutter speed that will still allow some depth of field for sharpness throughout the scene.

  • Experiment with your camera's white balance setting. Aquarium lights range widely in their color balance, producing cool- to warm-balanced illumination.

Don't 's- Aquarium Photography Tips

  • Avoid using flash at the aquarium. Not only will you get pictures of the reflection of your flash, but it can even create problems with the sensitive vision of some sea creatures. By using the light from the aquarium, you'll get much better color rendition and will avoid getting glare and washed-out pictures with flash.

  • Avoid shooting pictures at an angle to the glass, as you'll wind up getting a lot of distortion. Keep the camera perpendicular to the glass and your subject. You should shoot as close to the glass as possible to minimize distortion and reflections.

Lastly, be considerate of other people who may want to photograph the wonders of the sea. Experiment and have fun!

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