Boost Your San Francisco Photography with a Photoshop Plugin

How to use Topaz plug-ins to enhance your digital photos

by Deborah Sandidge

San Francisco Chinatown
Room with a View
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Photoshop plugin: Capturing S.F. signs and architecture

This window has a nice view capturing the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown. I like all the colorful signs and architecture. I photographed the street scene outside, but taking the picture from the inside was much more interesting. The lantern and beads make everything very festive!

For an artistic rendition of a photo, try using Topaz Labs Adjust, Painting - Venice. This Photoshop plug-in adds beautiful color and softness to an image, making it painterly in the process.

Topaz Photoshop Plug in
Colors of S.F. Chinatown
© Deborah Sandidge
All Rights Reserved

Photoshop plug-in: Street photography in San Francisco

Walking the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown is wonderful! There is so much to explore in the various shops, markets, and bakeries. The windows are works of art, colorful lanterns, golden Buddha's, all kinds of treasures. I liked the glow of the lights through the paper lanterns, and wanted to create an image that a similar glow and artistic look.

I used Topaz Lab's Simplify to create brushstrokes of color in this image. This plug-in can create a different painterly impressions from watercolor, to oil painting to sketches.

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