Moonlight Photography for Capturing Memorable Pictures

For a fresh approach, try these night digital photography techniques

by Simon Stafford

Old Church by Moonlight
© Simon Stafford
All Rights Reserved

Moonlight Photography Techniques

You can shoot anywhere between the first and third quarter moon phases. (Note: Here's a link for useful information about the moon and its cycles: )

The technique is quite simple. Some tips:

  • Set your camera to manual exposure mode.

  • Then select a shutter speed of 30 seconds at an aperture of f/4, with a sensitivity of ISO 800.

  • Avoid a longer exposure to prevent the stars appearing as trails of light rather than bright points.

  • Also, make sure there is no light pollution from nearby buildings, street lighting, etc.

  • The only other piece of essential equipment for this sort of picture is a sturdy tripod.
For this image, I used a 24mm lens and a Nikon D3x.

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