Use Nik Viveza 2 to Enhance Your Digital Photos

This Photoshop Plugin is a Time-Saver and a Powerful Editing Tool in CS4!

by Deborah Sandidge

Cuban sugarcane farmer
© Deborah Sandidge
All Rights Reserved

Easy and Effective Editing with Nik Viveza 2

Optimizing this image in Photoshop CS4 required only a few basic adjustments and filter choices. I wanted to enhance his weathered face, and also soften the background slightly. This is easily accomplished with Nik Viveza 2, which eliminates a lot of work with layers and layer masks. It's a very straightforward, time saving, and powerful editing tool.

Global adjustments were made to the image such as Contrast, Saturation, and Structure along with targeting specific areas using Control Points. Two control points softened the the background by reducing Structure, while adding another control point to the face enhanced detail by increasing Structure. The eyes were brightened up by using control points and the Shadow Adjustment slider.

Viveza 2 made editing easy, fast and effective!

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