Street Photography - How to Capture Expressive Portraits

by Ibarionex R. Perello

Street Photography - Expressive Portraits
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Street Photography - Portrait Tips

I think part of it is rooted in the fact that I'm not trying to make my subjects smile for the camera. I'm simply taking them as they are at that given moment. Trying to make someone smile, particularly a stranger, invites a look to the images that I don't believe would work. If I think the expression is forced, I may ask the subject to close their eyes, take in a few deep breaths and then open their eyes.

Expressions are also a result of them being caught off guard. It's not a common occurrence to have a stranger come up to you, give you a compliment and ask to make your photograph. I think that's a big part of what happens between myself and my subjects. There's this sense that they really don't understand what's happening at that moment, which I think is a quality that I like. They are just there in the moment, possibly bemused by the unexpected attention.

Many of these images work for the viewer because we're able to take on the subject in a way that we don't normally in the real world. We really get to examine a subject, and by not having them smile, you are forced to dig in a little deeper to discover where that person's at. The subjects aren't obviously happy or sad or miserable. They are just there, and I think that forces the viewer to look at the subject a little more carefully in an attempt to discern what is happening with the subject. I think that's why these images work.

At least that's my reasoning today.

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