Implying Motion via Photoshop

For some photos, replacing the background makes all the difference

by Jim Zuckerman

1938 Packard
1938 Packard
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Last autumn when I was in New England, I was working on producing a DVD on my shooting technique and the producer of the project was driving. I watched the beautiful trees passing by and thought they might be interesting to shoot with a slow shutter speed. So using speeds in the range of 1/15 to 1/60, I captured a lot of motion-blurred images.

Last summer, when I photographed the classic cars in Lexington, Kentucky, I thought about using one of them behind the hood of a 1938 Packard. I got down low and shot upward on the car with a 24mm wide-angle. And using the cut-and-paste technique with the pen tool in Photosop, I placed the abstracted foliage in the background. I think the results look pretty cool - it's as if I had mounted a camera on the car and drove down the street using a long shutter speed.

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