Portraits: Photographing Friends

by Ibarionex R. Perello

Jervey Tervalon
Jervey Tervalon
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Thankfully, I have friends who practice a high degree of patience. Though of course, it could be that they are expecting me to pick up the tab as a result.
Several months ago while I was having lunch with my friend, the writer Jervey Tervalon, I noticed the color of the wall in the restaurant where we were eating. I knew immediately that it would work beautifully well with the red pullover that he was wearing. So, even before we had finished eating, I was telling him that I was going to photograph him after we were done.

I placed him in the corner of the patio and had him sit on the cushioned bench that was there. I told him to get comfortable. I purposely chose the corner to photograph him, because I hoped that he would take advantage of it to get into a very comfortable pose. He didnít disappoint. He leaned his back against the wall and brought his left leg up on the bench and placed his hand on it, resulting in a very relaxed and natural pose.

I often try to find objects like walls or fences for people to rest against because when they do, they appear to find a little security and comfort positioning their bodies against or behind such objects. I think it leaves the subject feeling less exposed and vulnerable and provides me with a very pleasing portrait.

The diffused light provided by the overcast day was perfect for the shoot and I shot several dozen shots before I was finished. I was very pleased with the result as I hope he was.

Always having my camera and looking for opportunities for good photographs is key if I expect to improve my skills as a photographer. And the fact that I can produce nice portraits of my friends makes it all the better.

Have fun with your friends!

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