Fall Color Road Trip

Part III: Shooting the Stars and Other Stuff...

by Kevin Moss

Shooting Other Stuff While On Nature Safari

Though I shoot a lot of nature, I also open my mind for anything else interesting that might come along the way. Iíll often spend time in the giftshops, there is always something interesting there to photograph. Iím always into photographing old farm or roadside structures that seem interesting as well. I call it ďopening your creative mindĒ to other possibilities you might never have thought of!

In becoming a true photographer, you start looking at things differently. When gazing around, you start ďthinkingĒ about how these visuals will look in a photograph. Your eyes are always gazing for anything that seems interesting to shoot, just not nature, but everything. Your new subjects can be people, places, or things. When you start visualizing the world photographically, thatís when youíve arrived as a true photographer.

That in mind, while on my roadtrip, keeping my eye out, I was able to add to my ever-growing image library.

Open Your Mind...

Upon arriving the first evening, I even shot the diner where I had stopped for dinner.

The Mackinaw Bridge

I shot a series of about a dozen abandoned cottages along MI Hwy 2 to add to my Cottages portfolio

In summary, open your mind to all photographic possibilities. You may be a simple nature of portrait photographer, but, your tastes can change over time. Un-chaining yourself from only certain types of photography gives you more creative freedom, and more opportunity!

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The Milky Way over Lake Michigan

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