Holiday Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life

by Kerry Drager

holiday gift ideas
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Displaying Photos: Premium Gallery or Deluxe Web Site

So, you think you haven't a clue whether your gift-recipient has his or her own Premium Gallery or Web site? Hmmmmm. If you don't know, then the answer is "no". For example: Five minutes (OK, it was closer to 1 minute) after my own online gallery at BetterPhoto was activated, everyone - I mean EVERY ONE of my friends and relatives - knew about it! That's true of all photographers ... you are sooooo excited, you just want to tell the world!

Best yet, BetterPhoto makes it so easy for a photographer to get a gallery or Web site up and running ... no tech know-how required! There are three excellent choices to satisfy any budget. Check them out at:
Cheap Package Web Hosting for Photographers

Holiday Greetings
Holiday Greetings
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Online Courses: Photography School at Home

Why take an online photography course from You get one-on-one instruction from a world-class published photographer – who is also a terrific teacher and mentor. You connect not just with your instructor, but also with the other students in your class. This kind of supportive peer interaction is unique to's photography classes. The courses are self-paced ... i.e., you don't have to be at your computer at a particular time. And you have plenty of time to complete your emailed assignment, but can interact with your instructor and other students whenever you wish, online.

See just how verrrry cool these classes are at:
Tour the Online Course Concept

We have dozens of courses in the following categories: Beginning, Business, Composition & Design, Digital, Lighting & Exposure, Photoshop, Speciality Subjects, and Technique. There are four sessions per year, with Winter courses beginning in early January (and the Winter schedule posted around November 1st). For all of the exciting specifics, go to
Schedule of Classes: Online Photography School

Christmas Gift Buying
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Holiday Gift Ideas: Cameras, Lenses, Reviews, Etc.

Trying to figure out what kind of camera to buy? Or lens? Or digital accessory? In the BetterPhoto Buyer's Guide, we review all kinds of photography gear. We also share our honest and unbiased reviews and recommendations with you. Read more at:
Holiday Gift Ideas: BetterPhoto Buyer's Guide

Books and DVDs ... for Fun and Learning

At BetterPhoto, many of our instructors have authored awesome how-to books - and DVDs - on photography. These awesome books are autographed by the author, and cover a wide range of subjects - from digital photography, exposure, and nature to some excellent specialty topics. Check out our Bookstore at:
Holiday Gift Ideas: Books and DVDs

Article by Kerry Drager. To learn more about photography, explore the many online photography and Photoshop classes offered here at