Pro Tips 1: How to Keep Your Digital Sensor Clean ... Continued

Continued ... BetterPhoto Instructors Share Their Insights & Thoughts

by Kerry Drager

John Siskin:
I do not change lenses around my dog (an Old English sheep dog) - I got a
hair on the sensor once ... very bad. I do not change lenses in verydusty environments if I can possible help it. I do check shots on my sensor often.

Tony Sweet:
The absolute easiest way to keep the sensor clean is to never change lenses, and some photographers do that. They'll place a zoom lens on a camera body and never remove it. That will certainly work, but for the more serious shooter, it is quite impractical. The second easiest way is to hold the camera face down and change lenses quickly. Of course, that doesn't always work, but will certainly minimize specks on the sensor.

Brenda Tharp:
I always turn the camera off when changing lenses, and I turn the camera downward or straight out rather than face up to put the lens on. I blow out the chamber where the mirror and shutter are with a blower bulb, regularly.

Jim Zuckerman:
I always point the camera downward when changing lenses, and I turn the camera off as well when I switch to a different lens.

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