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I love to shoot pictures of the world around me. My first love is mountains and mountain streams. I also love flowers and all the forest critters. Sunrises and sunsets also catch my attention. Each one is unique. They have a symbolism too. The sunrise offers the promise of a new day while the sunset offers a sense of completion and satisfaction with a day well lived.

My first trip to Oregon gave me a fascination with lighthouses and the ocean. While I am fortunate to live in the country, I also appreciate the big cities. There is always something fascinating to see and do. I find a lot of pleasure in finding interesting reflective pictures - whether in nature or in the city.

I recently started a blog: http://maryannmelton.blogspot.com/ Sometimes I talk about our travels, about animals, about photography, current events - whatever is on my mind on a given day. Feel free to stop by.