“INSHUNUK "The Way"” by Emile Abbott.
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I am taking a bold move and entering this into people. Inshunuk is an Inuit word but I could not find any information on the internet or search engines but my interpetation of this is much like Cairns we use in off road to show us "The Way". Why people: Today we Christian celebrate the birth of Christ that showed us the way. There are many other faiths that have other people that have given directions of "The Way" and I hope each one in each faith will relook at how they have travel that way or strayed from it. If you look closely most paths are similar but it is my impression that many leaders and follower have lost their true way. It is time to give peace a chance, re-examine our way and finally have Peace on earth. What did you do for Christmas. I sent a Santa and Mrs Claus all dressed up to our Childern's Shelter to give the 12 childern there presents and food without them knowing where they came from except Santa. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and