“Tundra Buggy Lodge at Gordon Point” by Emile Abbott.
Gallery Photo
This was taken early morning on 11/21/2006 as they were preparing to dismantle the lodge for us to move to Cape Churchill. We lived here at Gordon Point for several days on the Tundra seeing about 15 to 27 bears/day. The tundra lodge has 2 sleeping buggies, one lounge, one kitchen, one storage and one crew sleeper plus the tundra buggies we go out in each day, a mechanic buggy and the propane. Each sleeper housed 18 to 20 persons in upper and lower bunks curtin only for privacy. You will notice the men on top beginning the takedown and several men walking with guns for bear patrol. We also served as bear patrol on the T buggies running the bears away during the process which took about an hour and half. All our food was gourmet during the trip. The bears were moving on out to the ice and we would be following them on. This was to be one of the most beautiful days for weather and capturing bear photo but we had more adventures to share with you soon.