“Tundra Buggy #12” by Emile Abbott.
Gallery Photo
I was on the newest and most modern Tundra Buggy #15 "Aurora" but this capture of #12 underway gives you an idea of what we were traveling in most of the day on the Tundra. They are 42 feet long, powered by 466 cubid inch turbo charged diesel engin, axle and differential are from firetrucks, the engine frame, transmission, seat, stering wheel and linkage are from 5 ton trucks. The body and inside furnishing are built in Churchill. The tires cost about $6,000 each. They have a small head inside, warmed by propane stove and the double panned
go up and down. They are mostly built by the drivers and if ordered would have cost over $750,000 each. Each has a open back deck (very cold) for photographers as well. We had 9 or 10 to a buggy plus driver so that we each had access to both sides as well as back for capturing photographs. This was one of the only days we saw the sun so I could not pass up the opportunity even if was a bit blown out with the +1 exposure.