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This I have called the ULTIMATE MASCULINE MOTION. They do not allow women to participate in this sport and most men are to smart to do so but there is that rare breed "The BullRider" who will risk life and limb for an 8 second ride. This was Cody Hart who had scored an outstanding 84 point ride but once the ride is over is really only the beginning. You must dismount and get away from that viscious bull that only wants to kill you. Here in this capture you will see Cody in motion trying to get away from the bull, the bull in motion high in the air and off of all 4's and the rodeo clown (bullfighter) high in the air and jumping between the bull and Cody. After the shot the only one in motion faster was the photographer. I dedicate this again to my good BP friend, Stan Kwasniowski who without his support I would not have risked life and limb to get this shot. Taken with Canon EOS 20D at 180mm using ISO800 at 1/800 sec and f/11. Exactly as taken with no changes.

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