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by Carolyn Connolly.
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On a gorgeous autumn day while photographing our Liquidambar tree's colour this butterfly alighted on a leaf!


"Identification: The Common Crow Butterfly is a large black butterfly with white spots on the fore wings and a band of elongated spots on the hind wings. The outer wing margins have small white spots. The males have a pair of hidden orange-yellow brushes at the tip of the abdomen, which they can extend into bright coloured patch as part of the mating ritual or to deter predators. These brushes emit a musky odour. The caterpillars are striped. Pupa have metallic silvery sheen.

"Other Names: Oleander Butterfly.

"Size: Wingspan 70mm, Caterpillar about 50mm.

"Habitat: The Common Crow is found in open forest and woodland. Often seen in parks and gardens."

Refer: http://www.ozanimals.com/Insect/Common-Crow-Butterfly/Euploea/core.html


Captured early afternoon, in late autumn, on 24th of May 2011...

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