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“Dik-dik Babe” by Kathy Salerni.
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There are four species of dik-dik, all native to the grasslands of southern Africa. They’re a kind of miniature antelope, with hooves and (on the males anyway) horns. Dik-diks grow to only a foot or so high at the shoulder, which means they can hide among the grasses, but they prefer places where they can see a fair distance. They’re herbivores that eat leaves, fruit, berries and plant shoots, which provide both sustenance and water.

Their predators are all familiar animals of the savannah: jackals, caracals, leopards, eagles, hyenas. Humans also kill them. The female’s alarm call (“zik-zik” or “dik-dik,” which gave them their name) can warn larger, more desirable game species that it’s time to flee. Photo Contest Finalist Editor

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