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“Woman Who Takes Her Cat on Safari” by Mary Beth Aiello.
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"Okay, Miss Kitty," I said. "We've got to pack. We're going on safari. There's lions, and tiger and bears."

"Oh, my," Miss Kitty said. "But are there birds too?"

"You bet. And giraffes. They're our guides."

"I just love birds," Miss Kitty said. "Another adventure."

"Yes, you're a traveling cat."

Okay, you get the drift. Just playing again.... inspired by being with Becky Laudenbacher at The Wilds.

Went on safari, well sort of. Put on my hat. Attached the flower. Thought it would look festive. Whistled to the giraffe. Miss Kitty jumped into my arms. The birds showed up. It was a beautiful day. Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner Editor