“My first Polar Bear Capture” by Emile Abbott.
Gallery Photo
Though not my best this was my first polar bear sighting and capture on 11/19/2006 at Gordon Point on the Western shore of Hudson Bay. I was also using a new Canon EOS 5D with EF 24-105L IS USM len. Unfortunately the camera LCD panel worked only intermittenly (a loose connection I guess) about every other day and this day was not working so I could not change from JPEG to RAW. The camera itself functioned so I was able to take captures just not read the histogram or review the captures. I took this using the cloudy white balance, at ISO400 at 1/250 sec, F6.3 with 1+ exposure at 105mm. I did crop some. I thought it only fair to post him as my first Polar Bear. Others will certainly follow as I have the time. I am very busy now with my practice catching up with all the sick patients and I will get to your galleries at my first chance. Like a bad penny I am back.