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“NATURAL IMPACT OF COLOR” by gary greene.
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This is at The Disney Concert Hall, L.A, Rails, and walls, compressed to give this graphic look. The Unusual shapes and colors, compliment each other, and jus fell into it. Working at the computer, adjusted the image, enhanced the color. I shot this with my Nikon d300..18-200 the full focal force perspective..and compress the 3 surfaces.So, what happens when you find yourself at that building? You stumble into images such as this, jus need to be in the moment, and aware, w/a clear mind. it's so magnificent to notice things, I'd normally miss, w/my MIND (Menacing Ideas Never Die), dealing w/ daily worldly clamours..and my percieved troubles..etc. So,this result,simply came out of my efforts business, (the journey,action,and jus leave the results business to our Father, JAH, GOD..whatever you call the power..the power is what's important.. and in the moments, I get GUIDANCE, Intuition, when to click. GUIDANCE =
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