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“"GOD'S WAY OF SMILING DOWN UPON US"” by gary greene.
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This is a double exposure.first the fog rolling in,shot with a Mamiya M6451000s w/80-210zoom ecktachrome 64 220. 1/60@f8...then the second waited for the sun to come up, turned, put my hand over the lens,so as to not affect exposure of the fog..i was, trying to put the sun at the horizon line...and the result...I MISSED...GOD had a better plan..I'da sold myself short again...this looks more mystical and surrealistic..As the saying goes, "GOD LAUGHS AT THE MAN WITH THE PLAN" we have plots & schemes,looked at my track record, had to smile,LOL,(if I'm laughing smiling,I'm relating..ain't no doubt here)note the smile formation of the birds..stamp tool, borrowed the birds from other picture, being so appropriate for this one.My hope is that this picture conveys HOPE and JOY to those who view this.:<) Photo Contest Finalist Editor