Cougar (rehab facility) 

1 time member favorite Barn Owl in flight, Ontario Canada 

1 time member favorite Hawk, flight, Ontario Canada 

Snowboard Race 

Sunset Wave, Southampton, ON  

1 time member favorite Sauble Beach, Lake Huron, Sunset 

Snowy Owl 

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This portfolio includes a broad range of images, primarily travel oriented, with an emphasis on people, an important element that helps to define the spirit of any location. (Also see

Most of these images were made with digital SLR cameras, ranging from models such as the EOS Digital Rebel XSi to the 21 megapixel EOS 5D Mk II.

A few of the older images were made with 35mm SLR cameras; the Velvia slides were then scanned with a high resolution Nikon film scanner.