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Four wonderful words spoken by Creator God? "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" I'm sure glad He didn't copyright all of His Creation, because I love borrowing from it all with my lens. From people's faces to sacred places, I've spent 30-some years searching for breath-taking beauty. Whenever I go looking for an image, it's not work at all! It's all worship! Often as I am framing and focusing, I'm whispering to the Almighty, "Awesome!" Whether it's a whale rising out of the ocean or a hummingbird zooming past my head, I never cease to be amazed at the marvel and the mystery of it all. From multi-colored rose petals on a rain-soaked sidewalk in romantic Germany to 2,000 year-old olive trees east of holy Jerusalem, my God is surely a God of wonders beyond this galaxy. I'm always lost in wonder, love and praise. I love preserving the passage of time as a practicing painter with light. I'm grateful with "All Joy... Not Lacking Anything!" (James 1:2-4) <'(())><