Storm Clouds. 

Looking Down the Split. 

Fall Memories. 

Marble Breach. 

Glacial Split 

End of Season 

Needing Water. 

Bridge Across the Swift. 
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As you can see, I enjoy outdoor photography and the images I can capture from natural objects, trees, shrubs etc. I use photoshop filters as desired, keeping in mind that what I am after in all my photographs is to capture a moment in time and do the best with it that I can. I look at the world and am reminded, every time, how "The heavens tell of God's glory and the sky declares His handiwork." Psalms 19:2. This earth is a gift. My photographs, hopefully, will capture some of that beauty and declare, through the images I capture, God's handiwork here on earth as well. Nature photographers capture what they see and use their cameras to share that beauty, feel and color with others.