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Littel Red Caboose20150121 6671cropped painting 

20150101 5638 

Purple Warmth 20150109 6314 Editors Pick

20150103 5760 

20150103 5755 

1 time member favorite Josheph 20141203 4866b Editors Pick

1 time member favorite 20141120 4738 

Side Road 20141028 3801 Editors Pick
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As you view my photographs, you will find I enjoy photographing a wide variety of subjects, landscapes, animals, flowers, insects, wildlife, and candid shots of people. Many of my photographs depict a positive light on my home in APPALACHIA.
I use either a Nikon D70 or D80 and an ever growing collection of lenses in my quest to become a better photographer.
P.S. I don't do weddings (if I can help it).
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