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7 time member favorite Don't Fence Me In 

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16 time member favorite Dusk Editors Pick Photo Contest FIRST PLACE Winner

8 time member favorite - Just Looking - Editors Pick Photo Contest FIRST PLACE Winner

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My images encompass many areas but nature, landscape and travel is what I enjoy the most. Traveling the world and seeing so many diverse things from the landscapes of the earth to the cultures that inhabit those areas amazes and intrigues me. Being able to digitally capture what I see and to inspire others through my work is very rewarding. It is an incredible feeling when I can capture nature, a landscape, or the people in a way that allows the viewer to feel as if they were there. I really enjoy the adventure and challenges that weather, environment and nature presents to me while capturing the digital image. With the love, support and inspiration from my wife Leena, my photography improves each day!

Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and seeing these images that I feel are worth sharing with the world.