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Welcome! I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. I love to take photos of my family, animals, nature, landscapes, and just about anything that appeals to me. My hobby began when my wonderful husband arrived home one afternoon with a used Canon AE-1, shrink-wrapped, on a Styrofoam meat tray. The manual was not included since the camera was used. So, I learned how to use the camera through trial and error. From that day on I snapped pictures. He just didn't know what he had gotten himself into!

My real love of photography began when my husband and I moved to Alaska. I wanted to photograph everything! As the Lord blessed us with 2 children, my desire to learn how to take better pictures increased. I just couldn’t miss those wonderful photographic opportunities.

Twelve years later I upgraded to a Canon Elan 7e. And, two years later my family purchased my first digital camera… the Canon 40D. I am still learning!

Enjoy! Have a blessed day!