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Lone Freeze 

Out For A Walk 

Take Off 

Where Did Everyone Go? 

If As Tree Falls In The Woods  

Mt. Saint Helens 


Red Headed Step Bird 
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The year 2009 was a big turning point for me. First was invited to participate in the "Art Walks" of the art city in our area, which was my first public exposure and display of my work. I then walked into a gllery/studio to see what it would cost to have my work displayed and ended up sharing a studio with the 2010 "Artist of the Year" for Snohomish County, chosen by the Snohomish Art Commission. My exposure at Lowell Art Works, which participates in the "Everet Art Walks" every third Saturday of the month, has opened other doors for me, including an invitation to exhibit my :Metallics", along with another artist, at the Everett Municipal Library towards the end of the year. There are other opportunities in the works and I hope 2010 becomes an even more sucessful year.I love taking photographs and specialize in nature, especially our local area, and I show what we call my "Lowell Life" (town I live in). Please visit my gallery or website: I hope you enjoy.