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Colors and Light At Kumartoli 

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Street Hawker 

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A Serious Photographer At Pushkar Hills Editors Pick

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An Indian Photographer Mukesh Srivastava made a successful foray into the digital arena. With the dawn of digital photography, Mukesh embarked a new journey a little less that half a decade back and this journey has seen him win critical acclaim and accolade from across over the globe.

His quintessential expression is capture of beautiful characteristics of light, from morning to evening light and even artificial light. When at a shoot he sometimes gets captivated by the light and totally changes gears, which to him reveals the "soul" of the subject.

A true craftsman of the lens, Mukesh feels that “Photography involves seeing through the lens of the camera, but truly seeing has many different dimensions. We see with the inner eye, the eye of the artist that is innate in each individual.”

Hailing from the colorful city of Rajasthan, he has a keen eye on the culture and landscape of the state. His love for the city of sand dunes, camels and caravan has reaped in many honors.

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