Tower Bridge 

This Way 

2 time member favorite Going Boldly 

8 time member favorite Christ is Risen Editors Pick Photo Contest Finalist

5 time member favorite Rays of Hope Editors Pick Photo Contest Staff Favorite

3 time member favorite Shape Shifter 

2 time member favorite Sainte Chapelle Ceiling 

5 time member favorite Face Off 
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Two of the greatest fascinations in my life have been magic and photography. Magic portrays reality in a way that makes the viewer wonder whether it was real in the first place. Photography on the other hand, allows one to show what has been captured by the camera as faithful as possible to reality. The images you see on these pages are the results of the many visits to different places in the USA, Canada and Europe. If the images can give you a sense of being thereā€¦ that would be magical indeed. What a blessing! Enjoy!