Close up of a big horn sheep Editors Pick

feather frost Editors Pick

just before sunset at 3:51pm in Jackson WY. Editors Pick

2:12 pm overcast day in Yellowstone Editors Pick

Yelowstone Lake Editors Pick

Where the Buffalos roam Editors Pick

West Texas Sunset Editors Pick

Coyote in the brush Editors Pick
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Hello My nickname is Crittershooter and as you can guess from my name I love to photograph critters of all sorts. I live in South Texas so my main Critters are coastal birds with the occasional Raptor. I live in a heavily traveled migratory trail for many birds so I just never know what I am going to get a picture of on my daily hunts. I also love to take landscape pictures with reflections in the water. I also like sunsets and sunrises along with long shutter exposures to create fun stuff.