Autumn Schoolhouse 

Pin Oak in the Early Morning Sunlight Editors Pick

Oak tree in sunlight Editors Pick

Train Station Rose Editors Pick

Guardian of the Past Editors Pick

Reflexed Editors Pick

The Man with the Flag Jacket Editors Pick

"Incoming" Editors Pick
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I enjoy the way light and shadows play in an image, whether it is in black & white or color. I do not focus on any particular area of photography, I am least comfortable with people shots, but will do my best when someone wants me to do a session. I enjoy architectural and nature photography the most and neon signage at night.

I am self taught, a believer that my creativity is from God and the expression is photography and digital art. My father was an avid photographer and passed along his love of the craft to me. Creation and its wonders intrigue me constantly.

I strive to improve though I am an admitted lazy photographer, deferring to what I see rather than the technical capabilities of my equipment. I do not like to read manuals, and learn much better by seeing something done than reading about it.

At the age of 50, I began this creative journey and I hope to continue it all my life.