Smiling Pair Skaters, er Runners 

Heading Home 

Little Drummer Boy Editors Pick

1 time member favorite Magnolia Plantation Editors Pick

Monday Morning Blues Editors Pick

Sausalito in the Fog Editors Pick

Charleston Shutters 

Dreaming of Spring... 
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What am I going to be when I grow up? What kind of pictures do I like to shoot? Everything, as long as the light is right and the subject is willing.

Landscapes don't ask questions back, and usually they don't wiggle much, but I prefer the personality of a kid to that of a mountain. My favorite shots are those that are unexpected. To me, still shots are far preferable to video, because one can go back and visit them easily over and over.

What I love about digital photography is that it slows me down and forces me to reflect and appreciate, something that becomes increasingly difficult in our busy age of too much information and too much communication. The act of reflection, and processing the world ourselves rather than being told what's happening, seem to be at risk, and pictures take me back to a time when the world was simpler.

I keep reminding myself to slow down and smell (or photograph) the roses.