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Subtle Side Of Autumn 

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Cascade Of Color 

Autumn Along The Ausable 

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Wood Sculpture 
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Hi, I'm a hobbyist Photographer, and my love in photography is Backwaters and Swamps of the Adirondacks. For me, there is such a peaceful beauty within these quiet out of the way places, and an abundance of wild life, it has a way of bringing me totally into nature. My favorite Photographers are Elliot Porter, and Clyde Butcher. Porter for his Portraits of nature, and Butcher for his B&W of the Everglades.

Portraits Of Nature
Intimate part of a whole seldom ever seen for itself only a part of a whole, some times most times chaotic, but still the foundation of it's larger part, and for it's beauty and purpose should be seen and not overlooked.
John & Patty Benway
Northeast Streams & Forest