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My future studies and freelancing began years after a "work and learn" internship in college. I was an apprentice in photography without pay, in order to learn hands-on portrait work but became a General Flunkie at Jafay, and House of Photography in Denver, Colorado. Eventually, I moved to Vail, Colorado where I worked various jobs to live, and pursue my passion --photographing children in "God's Natural Surrounding" in the woods, on the mountain, or in daisy fields. Over the decades other photographic interests evolved. I married Mr. Snow in 1969 and we left the high country for other domains. After our daughter was born in 1974, she became the focus of my lens. And, after she left for college, my photographic studies continued. To be a professional, one must do everything and I found major gaps in my skills. I began to study studio lighting, directional lighting in open shade outside and when people weren't available, I lighted flowers and backyard wildlife.

In recent years I've found a variety of "willing" subjects right outside my window in the form of bluejays who bathe in cooling waters and have taught over birds how its done. A bathing titmouse and a wren who investigated; the cardinals, who sang in the shower. Even the thrasher and various other bird enjoy a cooling dip in freshly falling water. I experiment with lighting techniques acquired while studying "studio lighting" and tried them on the Thrasher (setting up slave units on lighting stands outside to enhance the light). I love capturing the antics of playful raccoons. And the romantic behavior of the cardinals, which my husband said, he could learn a lot from the birds.

If we work with rather than against wildlife, we realize the similarity of our behavior. I've also learned to use my lighting skills on flora–-the blossoms of the Confederate Rose, the Saucer Magnolia, and the Ornamental Pear (at sunset). My gallery also contains remembrances from our travels to New Zealand, Scotland, China, Europe, Turkey, Scandinavia, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as Italy, Greece and Istanbuhl (Turkey).

A favorite teacher once told me, "If you know how to light the human body correctly, the same techniques can be applied to lighting anything." My learning continues. And, my work has greatly improved since I joined in 2004, and taking classes. I thank my instructors and the many friends for their guidance and encouragement.

In 2012, I went missing. I fractured my spine several times. All that sitting at the computer to learn photoshop did not help my body after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Why did I spend time learning photoshop? Boredom with constant rehab from previous injuries and yearning to become more creative, to learn to correct color and tonality of images and create composites, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

To heal, I changed my way of eating from the typical Western diet to vegan in order to reduce pain and inflammation. And, I'm working to become stronger with Pilates and weight bearing exercise. As soon as I can carry my camera and tripod, I'll continue capturing backyard wildlife.

Another gallery was started. Google "Susan Snow, gallery, betterphoto" to explore more.

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