I am a 74 year old solo practicing physician (Internal Medicine)in the town of Del Rio, Texas on the Rio Grande and Mexican
Border and close to Lake Amistad. Married to France for 49 years and two sons one Phd and the other an MBA. With a life long interest in photography I first used Canon SLR 35 mm film, Minolta 35mm film and others in 1970's. I have also used Olympus Infinity Zoom AF 330 film and Nikonus V film for underwater and surface shots. My first introduction to digital was Agfa CL50 and I am now shooting using a Canon EOS 20D 8.2MP, Canon EOS 5D full frame, Canon EOS 1D mark IV and Canon Powershot SX50HS. Lenses include 17-85 F4-5.6 USM IS autofocus zoom lens, a Canon EF 75-300 mm F4-5.6 IS USM lens, Canon EF L 24-105 IS USM autofocus lens, Canon 70 to 200 EF 2.8, Canon 17-40 f/4, 180 Sigma Macro and Sigma 50mm F/1.4 lens. I use Singh-ray Vari ND filter, graduated ND filter, CP and other filters. I also have a Lensbaby2, extention tubes, 2X teleconvertor as well as two 580EX speedlite, Flashpoint spot and various filters. I process using MacBooKPro with Aperture3 editor and Lighrrom 5 and CS 3 and multiple plug ins. I have lived in Georgia, Virginia, Texas and 3 years in Japan. I love traveling and have visited Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Italy, France, Spain Equador, Amazon Rain Forest, Galapagos Isles, Australia, BVI, Caribbean Islands, Canada, Germany, Austria, Russia and much of USA. I am self taught but read and study through BetterPhoto, Brenda Tharp, Brian Peterson, Kerry Dagger and DVD by Jim Miotke along with a host of others. I have been a BP member since 09/29/2004. I love photographing my family, pets, outdoors, nature, scenery, animals, people, fashion, still life, portraits, rodeos, bull rides, action, concert and architecture but I tend to shoot anything that catches my eye. I love to "capture the moment and emotion". I also enjoy sailing, hiking, RV camping, Jeeping and Off Road Adventures, Rockcrawling, travel and most outdooor activities. I have had a one man showing in Nov 05 and was featured artist at Lee Bunch Studio and Gallery in August 2006, featured artist at our First annual Monarch festival on October 14, 2006 and featured artist at Casa Del La Cultura in November 06 all in Del Rio. I have had multiple single artist showing at major banks through out the years. I had a major adventure (Nov 06) spending 10 days treking the polar ice of Hudson Bay with expert photographers (including Robet Taylor) capturing the Polar Bears and other wildlife and scenes . I traveled through Europe on River Cruises and Canada on the train spending time in the Canadian Rockies. My most recent adventure was to travel through Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow by river cruise. I have really enjoyed the learning and friendship of BP and hope you enjoy my posting and feel free to make critique or comments as my learning process never ends. I have produced over 15 Photographic books and my website is emile-abbott-photography.com. I hope you will visit and leave a comment.


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