I have loved to take pictures since I was 10 years old and received a Kodak Instamatic Camera for Christmas. Over the years I just took "snapshots". With the gift of a Digital Rebel XT in 2004 from my husband, my passion for photography was renewed. With digital, I love the instant feedback to find the right combination of lens, apeture and shutter speed. In 2005 I traded my Rebel for a Canon 20D. I then traded the 20D for the 40D. I take pictures of anything. For 4 years I was the unofficial team photographer for my son's high school lacrosse team. I am a member of the Manassas - Warrenton Camera Club. Through the activities of the club I met many wonderful photographers and have learned so much regarding photography that in June 2009 I was Photographer of the Year for Intermediate Color Prints. My great love is nature photography. My favorite thing of all to photograph is flowers.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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