Hi fellow photographers, I started photography at a young age with a 35mm Ricoh compact camera. Upgraded to a Canon AV1, AE1,A1 and an F1. Eventually turned to digital first with a very small Trust,a Samsung and later on to Fuji S7000. Upgraded to a DSLR with a Canon 20D and now I am also the very proud owner of a Canon 50D and some beautiful Canon L lenses.

Today after all these years of photography I consider myself a very keen amatuer. I spend all my extra time trying to capture the perfect image. I am also a member of the Malta Photographic Society.

Living on such a small island as Malta has its disadvantages. I have been almost everywhere and nowhere is new to me so landscape photography is not so vast. Maybe that is why I have turned my eyes onto animals, flowers and macro photography. Recently I have started automobile photography which also has its tricks!! This in turn has opened many new horizons.

Enjoy the gallery, people tell me its so full of colour!! Leave your comments or questions. I would be more than glad to answer and help.

Anyone coming to Malta do let me know!!! Many members have already come to Malta including two Grand prize winning members who were also both with me. Mentioning a few ~ Sylvia Rossler, Silvia Nunes, Cristine and Alexander Czernin, Stefania Barbier, Dominick Dimicale, Katarina Mannson. 2013 will see Renee Doyle and Linda Lester here in Malta! Very renown BP members as well.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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