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I am a retired police officer and am now and have been a National Pro Board Certified Instructor for the Delaware State Fire School for over 25 years. My interest in photography started some 40 years ago and I would say that I am a forever learning, but somewhat skilled amateur. I was the official police photographer for my department for over 8 years shooting black and white film (the courts would not except color back in those days) for crime scenes and accident investigations.
Being an avid outdoorsmen and hunter/fisherman, I began shooting with a camera more than a gun, and became immersed in shooting nature, wildlife, landscapes, and of course, my dogs.

For 5 years prior to my retirement I was assinged to the K-9 division and had the pleasure of owning, training, and working with some great breeds. I currently own 2 beautiful purebred German Shepherds which I love to photograph as often as possible. I think my modest gallery will reflect that I am partial to black shepherds, however, I also have a black and tan.

Having recently purchased a new Canon 30D DSLR, it has motivated me to get out more and basically snap my brains out. It's great...take it, look at it, keep it, or dump it...all in less than a minute. Of course, the latter seems to be more of what I do but occasionally things work out. This is why I have joined BetterPhoto. I hope to learn as much as possible from all the resources available to me through this medium.

My equipment - Canon 30D DSLR body, Canon Elan 7e body, Canon Rebel XTi DSLR body (my wifes camera really). Lenses - Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L series, Canon EF 300mm f/4 L series, Tamron SP/AF 90mm 1:1 Macro f/2.8, Sigma EX/DG 24mm 1:1.8 Macro f/1.8. Macro equipment includes a set of Canon extension tubes, Velbon Macro Slider Rail. Bogen/Manfrotto 3227W tripod with 3047 pan head and Bogen ball head. Sekonic L448 incident light meter and numerous filters. I still have my B&W darkroom and JOBO equipment for processing color slide and print film, however, with todays digital cameras, computers and printers, I rarely use the darkroom anymore. I refuse to sell or get rid of it though. You never know!

*** "If you are going to take my guns away to stop crime...take my aspirin also, Maybe that will stop the drug problem too!"***


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