When I was old enough to hold a camera (my fathers speed a graphic), I started taking pictures,I wanted my own camera so I built a pin hole camera from a wooden box. My father was a a professional photographer so I copied the design and shape of his speed graphic camera and using his 4 x 5 film holders even won award in the school science fair with it. From their he bought me a Kodak Star Flash camera and their was no stopping me, dark room included. I did win blue ribbons in the 4-H fairs with it and continued taking pictures growing up with various types of cameras. Joined the US Coast Guard did some shoots for them and travel three quarters around the world enjoying taking pictures, then put the camera away for 20 years, woke up one morning looked out from the port hole from my boat and said " that would make a great picture", went out and brought a 35mm Minolta and again haven't stop taking pictures.(my wife just say's take pictures of people) My mini-pac display photo is my father's Speed A Graphic which is the camera that fed our family, clothes us, put a roof over our heads, educated us and took thousands of pictures of commercial photos , news, weddings even of us.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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