Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. Traveling on family vacations as a youngster helped to develop my desire to see places outside of my home state of Maryland. Further travel through previous military and current work assignments further broadened my view of the world via experiencing other cultures, meeting people from other countries. I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia and it’s made me better appreciate my own home and culture as well as the people and lands I’ve visited.

My love for photography began during a tour of military duty (USAF) in Berlin, Germany merely to document my visit there. There was so much history in this city and I wanted to capture every moment of my travels, not only in Berlin, but throughout my travels while in Europe. I bought my first camera, a 35mm Fujica ST801 and took pictures of everything. As a result, photography had become my passion. While I have an assortment of 35mm cameras, I’ve grown to love the digital format and having complete creative control over photo imaging. I shoot exclusively in the digital format today with Canon cameras and an assortment of lenses and other photographic tools.

Pretty much self taught, I ascribe to the notion of reading photographic periodicals to help develop various photographic techniques, in addition to active involvement in photography clubs, hands-on practice, etc. I also credit my photographic growth to surrounding myself with a number of very good photographer friends. I’ve been told that I’ve developed “3rd eye”, as I’ve learned to capture images that many might otherwise overlook. Further photographic enhancements have been exhibited via post-processing techniques.

While I will photograph anything that catches my eye, I find I have a special fondness for Elements of Design, Black and White, and Fine Art Photography. I currently serve as Assistant Organizer in the Chicagoland Digital Photography (CDP) Meetup Group, with membership surpassing 4200 photographer enthusiasts. In addition to achieving award on this website for some of my images, some of my images have been published in the Capture My Chicago Photography coffee table books and I've have my images displayed in local photo galleries such as Gallery 7 (Joliet, IL), winning an award for their juried exhibition.

My images are available for sale. If interested, please contact me with details and I can provide pricing info.

Mike B-

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