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I live outside of Philadelphia, am a single mom whose passion since I was a little girl has been photography. My dream would be to make it my profession but for now, it's a hobby (and probably always will be)

I have 3 wonderful children who are the pride of my life and my greatest acomplishments. I have recently also become a grandmother which makes me feel a bit old, but time does pass. I also have 4 cats who do a great job of making mischief around the house. I love reading and playing Texas Holdem poker in my spare time (yea, what spare time)

I work in the medical field, doing medical coding and billing. This has been so much fun posting photos and meeting so many wonderful people who share my love of photography.

I am beginning to get some wedding work and LOVING IT! So far my work has been very well received. I am also picking up some maternity and family photo shoots which are also being very well received. I have put together a GREAT package full of goodies. Please contact me if you would like more info such has package details and pricing. I really give your shots the personal touch which is important to you, I know.

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