It all started when my Uncle John gave me a Kodak Brownie. Back then the 126 format cartridge with its cube flash was all the rage, but my Brownie's 120 format suited me just fine rendering itself readily to pursuits of B&W developing in a darkroom. Fortunately, that format remains to this day and I still use it in medium-format equipment, but with less-and-less emphasis. Of course, I transitioned over time to the ever popular 35mm format maintaining an afinity for the Minolta brand as a way of separating from the Nikon/Canon pack. Today's instant gratification gained from digital coupled with strides in picture quality and equipment functionality make it the medium of choice. I still shoot film in many cases, but the vast majority of my shots are digital. Incidentally, an increasing number of images never become physical prints as usage in electronic media becomes more-and-more in demand.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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