My Mini-Pic

For the last quarter of a century, I have been a writing journalist. However, photography was my first love. As it sometimes happens, though, I was my own worst enemy in judging my stuff. The finished photo never came close to how I had imagined the image to be. In the days of film, if the moment was gone, it was gone. And the only way to tell that was when in the dark room.
Writing on the other hand allowed me to mould what I wanted to convey as I went along. Much more flexible than silver on celluloid.

Unfortunately, the days of print journalism are gone. And so, bread can no longer be bought from writing. One needs to find new avenues in the 21st century. Web, imagery, flash: a whole new set of tools to tell stories.

My old love has therefore called me back to her. Which is why I am here: to learn from peers how best to tease the eyes. And tell the stories I have never stopped loving.

I was born in Zambia, which instilled a deep love for this marvelous continent called Africa. I returned to Africa in 1997 after nearly a quarter of a century in the Netherlands, and hope that - when the time comes - I may be laid to rest here too.

The way in which life presents itself in Africa allows for a wide variety of photography. Colours, lines, nature, culture, people, news. There is more than a lifetime of material here. It'd be great if - one day - I can make a living again by creating the stories I know are out there. This time through this whole new set of tools and instruments. Of which photography is but one.


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