Howdy! I grew up on a farm in Northwestern Minnesota where I developed a love for nature. I moved to southwestern North Dakota in 1973 and fell in love with the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I worked fo the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation for 35 years as a horse wrangler and performer, also worked on various cattle and horse ranches.
It was in Medora where I developed an interest in photography,and it developed over the years. I'm self taught but have attended workshops and camera clubswhere I picked up valuable tips on photography.
I like nature and wildlife photography, but take images of any thing that strikes me as beautiful and different.
The Japanese have a saying, "ICHIGO ICHIE", which means an unprecedented, unrepeatable encounter, the moment will never happen exactly the same way again. That is what I try to capture with my images.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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