Phil and I have been married for 40 years now, and have a daughter and two sons, and a granddaughter and three grandsons! All of our grandchildren are already demonstrating an interest in photography!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be living near beautiful Lake Macquarie, New South Wales - Australia's largest coastal saltwater lake - as just one of it's many assets is that it is a photographer's paradise!

We have one pet - a very affectionate black and white cat named Chocolate (Chocky or Chock)!

Both Phil and I became interested in photography at a fairly young age - due to family influences - and we have enjoyed the hobby together now for many years!

In the past we both used film cameras, but near the end of 2002 Phil gave me an Olympus Camedia C-730 Ultra (10x optical) Zoom digital camera as a Christmas present, which has saved us a lot on film developing costs - lol!! ;o) Phil then bought himself a pocket-sized Canon PowerShot A85, which he can take with him when walking...

In mid-February 2006 he also purchased an Olympus E-500 DSLR, which we both used until late November 2007 when Phil bought me an Olympus E-510 DSLR for my early Christmas present! We love the high quality images that can be created using modern digital cameras - and also photo editing tools like Photoshop!

My challenge is to take - and create - the best possible photographic images that I can...of not only landscapes and other things in God's incredible nature, but also travel destinations, abstracts, graphic patterns and/or brightly-coloured objects! Capturing images of family and friends for posterity's sake is also important to me, and I always try to improve on my previous photographic efforts! ;o)

I hope you enjoy my gallery of images! Thanks very much for looking...and for any positive feedback or constructive critiques which you may post! I appreciate them all! :o)

Carolyn :o)

 Portrait or Personal Image

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